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-Database Updated (5-24-2010)
It's been quite a while since any major work as been done on our database. However, over the past few days, we've been working diligently to update our data.  We are happy to announce that the database is now up-to-date for all registrations taking place before 12-31-2009 and contains data for 65,784 cultivars.

Please help us out by uploading your photos of your new cultivars.
-Browser Search plug-in
I have compiled a database search plug-in for use with Firefox 2.0 and/or Internet Explorer 7.0  This plug-in will search the "cultivar" field of the database and features dynamic auto-completion and complete wildcard functionality. Click the link below to install.


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We offer three levels of Special Services (Basic, Personal, and Business) Basic is free and includes access to our Daylily Comments, plus certain customization features.  Personal is available to all our current benefactors or at the minimal cost of $20/yr and includes access to "MyDaylilies" a person online daylily database.  Business is available to all our current benefactors or for just $30/yr  and include all the above features, plus the ability to list your inventory for the whole world to search easily and quickly!


About the Database

I would like to give special thanks to the late Bob Clary for his untiring efforts in maintaining his Daylily Database. This Daylily Database would not be possible without the contribution of Mr. Clary, who has allowed us to use his Daylily Database CD for the creation of this comprehensive online database.  May he rest in the eternal peace and happiness of God's Kingdom.

This database was created out of my frustration with the lack of reliable daylily cultivar research material on the internet.  We currently have 60,712 cultivars listed.  I hope this Database will be of some value to you. My vision is to someday house images of all registered Daylilies for all to enjoy and use freely. 

Our data is current for all registries made before December 1, 2006.

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