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Interesting Fact

The best bird feeder for cardinals is the Akro-Gard Bird Feeding Station because it features four feeding ports and an elevated perch to keep your feathered friends at eye level as they eat. A great way to get more activity out of these beautiful birds, especially if you live in colder climates where food supplies may be scarce during winter months due largely (but not exclusively) due their diet which consists almost entirely on seeds found on trees near water sources like riversides or lakeshore areas; this means that one will often see them fishing among floating mats with mostly sand underneath!

The perfect bird feeder is one of the easiest ways to keep your feathered friends around. If you are looking for something that will attract a variety of species, this bird feeders guide has what it takes!

In search of soil for cacti

I fell in love with succulents earlier than with other plants. It happened in 1999, when I first visited the exhibition of the Smolensk cactus club “Lobivia”. Fifteen years have passed since then, and the specimens I bought that spring and in subsequent years are the most mature plants on my windowsill. I never liked…