A new law in Paris allows everyone to plant urban gardens

Paris is often referred to as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but it may soon take the top spot in this ranking. A new law not only allows but also encourages the initiative of Parisians to create their own urban gardens.

Residents of the capital will receive permits to grow vegetables, fruits, flowers and other plants. The permit is valid for 3 years, after which it can be renewed if desired.

According to the new law, plantations can only be cared for using sustainable gardening methods, which means that no pesticides or plants that are unnatural for this climate latitude should be involved in the process. Each newly minted gardener will receive a “starter kit” from the city, including seeds and topsoil.

The project is part of Mayor Anne Hidalgo’s plan to expand the city’s green space by 100 hectares by 2020.