Bring a plant to work and sit on it

I don’t know about you, but it saddens me that there is no way to bring a couple of my favorite flowers to work: my desk is in the back of the office, and such conditions would not be good for me. Dutch artist Ninke Sebrandy suggested his solution for such situations – bring a flower anyway, but let it be a cushion with his print!

The cotton floral cushions depict the most typical species for office spaces. Digital printing gives a maximum resemblance to the prototype.

According to the artist himself, flowers have long been a stylish accessory in the decoration of rooms, just like candles or cushions. The product itself combines the functions of the two objects at once and has a much greater “vitality”.

To me, a questionable substitute for a living plant, but if there is a sofa in the office, then why not buy cushions with flowers.