Coniferous forests to protect the planet

Coniferous forests slow global warming and cool the planet – this was the conclusion of Joel Thorton’s team from the University of Washington in Seattle (USA).

A study of the chemical composition of volatile substances released during tree respiration showed that many of these compounds are unstable. When they interact with the air, they are transformed into other organic substances. Observation of their cycle in the forests of Germany and Finland allowed scientists to conclude that during these reactions aerosols are formed in the air. It is these that contribute to the formation of clouds that absorb the energy of the sun’s rays.

According to Thorton’s conclusion, the warming of the climate will be accompanied by an increase in the volume of compounds emitted by plants, and thus by an increase in clouds, with the consequent cooling of the planet. At the moment it is impossible to predict exactly how effective nature’s counteraction to global warming will be. According to scientists, coniferous forests will play an important role in maintaining the ecological balance on Earth.