Euphorbia obesa blooms

Unnoticeable at first glance, the blossoms of Euphorbia – aka Thistle of fat – began to show in the fall, but it is clear that there is little light, and this plant is native to South Africa and loves the sun oh so much. But now the time is right. This and other specimens of this species turned two years old in April, which was surprising to me personally – according to the same Wikipedia data, they start blooming at the age of 5-8 years.

Euphorbia are divided into male and female plants. You can tell which sex you belong to by the flowers. The photo shows Euphorbia with male flowers. Accordingly, you can’t pollinate anything with anything – you need a system. 🙂

With its ascetic requirements in its natural habitat, the thistle is under the protection of the nature protection authorities: due to the excessive export of plants for subsequent sale to collectors, the species is threatened with extinction. For this reason, it is now forbidden to export it, but the seeds are not subject to this restriction.