5 facts about irises

Today, iris is one of many gardeners’ preferred plants because it remains an attractive accent even after flowering. And many years ago, the significance of the majestic flower was no less striking than it was.

1. The name of the iris is connected with the rainbow: that was the name of the goddess of this phenomenon of nature in Greek mythology. And the connection is quite logical, because it is characterized by a great variety of shades and their combinations.

2. There are more than 200 varieties of irises. The most commercially profitable are hybrids by Danish breeders. Although this flower covers a considerable part of the spectrum, it lacks the gene responsible for the red pigment, so there are no pure red irises.

3. the iris has different meanings depending on its color. For example, yellow means passion, white means innocence, blue means fidelity, and purple means wisdom. But the plant itself, without reference to the color shade, symbolizes eloquence.

4. A red iris adorns the white background of the Florence flag – and this despite the lack of such a variety in nature! In contrast, the background of the flag used to be red and the flower was white, but the colors were swapped when the Guelph party began to rule Florence in the mid-13th century. The iris has been the emblem of the province for more than 750 years.

5. The popular heraldic symbol fleur-de-lis (“flower of the lily” in translation from the French) did not come from the lily, but from the iris and is its stylized image.