Flowering of mammillaria duoformis

I have a generally even attitude toward mammillary flowers. At least because they are usually easier to “bloom” than cacti of other genera. However, this specimen was bought in a store, and I kept looking at how it was getting used to its new life on a windowsill.

As with most mammillaries, the flowers of this one are not large – only 1.2 cm in diameter. The pointed petals at a certain angle create a resemblance to a crown, coquettishly worn slightly sideways, which is especially endearing to me. By the way, it turned out this way only because the simultaneous opening of the flowers, similar to a wreath, which is characteristic of the species, was not achieved in this case – probably because the hibernation was not carried out in a proper way.

Adult plants of mammillaria duoformis are relatively compact – 9 cm in height and 3-4 in diameter. Mine has not yet reached these figures (6 cm in height and 4 cm in diameter), but I do not exclude that it will not fit into the size given by nature, because part of his life was spent on growth stimulants.