Fruits of the dwarf pomegranate

A little more than six months ago, my mother was given a small tree of indoor pomegranate. It was grown from seeds, but what kind of producer, history is silent. In any case, it is a species of punica granatum var. nana. It is used for decorative landscaping and in bonsai culture.

As the word “nana” implies, it differs from an ordinary pomegranate by its smaller size. In room conditions it is the best: it is easy to form a crown, doesn’t take much space and – delight! – It bears fruit. Scarlet flowers and fruits in combination with the elongated shape of small frequent leaves are a real joy for the Russian heart yearning for summer.

What does the fruit of the dwarf pomegranate look like?

And they look quite appetizing: a bright red rind and a touching size – no more than 4 cm in diameter. It’s a shame to even open them.

There are surprisingly many grains inside. With such a size of fruits, I expected that the grains would be the usual size, but in the number of maximum 8-12 pieces. I was wrong. Smaller grains, light pink in color, I counted 128 from two fruits.

The fruit of the dwarf pomegranate tastes very sour, so the purpose of this tree can hardly be gastronomic.

I put it on a napkin to dry. Shall we do a germination experiment?

fruit size of the pomegranate
Harvest from the indoor pomegranate