Garden trends 2017

In 2017, the themes of cozy homes and healthy lifestyles are becoming even more relevant, which is naturally reflected in the design of country plots.

The alternative to the lawn

The beauty of the grass is very much dependent on the weather. When the weather dries up, it’s hard to take care of your lawn, because not everyone has an auto-irrigation system in place. In addition, a flat green area – already quite a hackneyed decision. In its place are more natural-looking groundcovers, combinations of tall herbaceous shrubs with decorative foliage, combinations of moss and stunted flowering plants.

Not ready to part with the traditional lawn? Try breathing new life into it by choosing lawn seed mixes with clover – they are less demanding to care for.


Under this term lies the trend in recent years to grow plants that match the climate and geographical location of the site. Not only does this guarantee better results, but it also makes garden maintenance much easier – you don’t have to provide the plants with the conditions to which they are accustomed, since they are in their native environment.

The concept of hyperlocalism also includes concern for the environment – the use of local rock instead of delivery from distant regions, the use of end-of-life things as receptacles for plants, etc.

gardening trends 2017

A place to play and relax in nature

Today, it is increasingly common to see fire pits created according to unique designs, where you can cook food on the fire, which look more natural and original than charcoal grills.

More and more ideas for outdoor dining areas, small areas for badminton, miniature golf and other physical activities can be found online. Yes, it is well forgotten old, but it is actively gaining popularity, and there is no need to argue about the health benefits here.

The vegetable garden area

You can’t do without your own harvest on the countryside! Beautifully decorated container gardens with lettuce, spices and seasonings do not stand out from the design of the modern garden and are always more valuable than shopping from the store, stuffed with fertilizers and pesticides.

gardening trends 2017

Low-growing plants for small yards

As a rule, the size of the suburban plot is not so large that it can be deployed in full force. An excellent solution are low varieties of shrubs and trees – hydrangeas, lilacs, rhododendrons, wagelas. Compact plants are easier to care for, they are easier to combine in a limited area. Smaller versions of apple trees and other fruit and berry crops are decorative enough to be part of the landscape design, and do not deprive you of the joy of your own harvest.

Back to nature

The simpler, the more realistic. Get rid of anything unnecessary that brings more trouble than joy. Plant vegetables along with flowers and choose crops that require minimal care: use companion plants instead of pesticides, mulch instead of more frequent watering – your country garden will stop being associated with hard physical labor and will bring much more joy as a place to relax.

The return to naturalism in the design of the site also refers to the use of natural materials to create a natural harmonious environment – stone and wood, as well as old-fashioned exterior items. Rocking chairs and hammocks, swings in trees are once again becoming popular as major symbols of peaceful relaxation in nature.

Pest control

It is cheaper, safer, and easier to get rid of unwanted guests by planting bright and fragrant flowers among vegetables that will attract pest-eating insects. Herbs with strong odors – lavender, thyme, onions, mint and sage, citronella and other repellent plants – release essential oils that are unpleasant to most mosquitoes and bugs.

You can also attract birds in your garden, hanging bird feeders on the trees, frogs and snakes, placing on the site of logs, bees, spiders and ladybugs, making them little houses, but these methods are already an amateur.

gardening in 2017

Color accents

Bright and fresh shades of yellow and green will be the most fashionable in landscape design in 2017. They perfectly combine with fresh spring greenery and will harmoniously complement the garden until the fall, emphasizing the main trend of the new season – the beauty of nature itself.