Growing flowers on the windows outside

In European cities, flowers on windows are not uncommon. Bright pelargoniums or begonias please not only the owner, but also passersby, and at the same time do not take up useful space in the house. Good soil and properly selected plants – all you need to create a flower bed on the windowsill.

The undeniable advantage of window flower boxes is their size: the capacity is enough to apply gardening skills, but it is moderately compact to fit in a modest area.

Color scheme

It’s hard to resist the urge to plant everything at once, but a harmonious composition will only result if you use compatible shades. Otherwise, you run the risk of ending up with something that looks like weeds.

Red, yellow, orange, white and bright pink flowers look better from a distance. Up close, blue and purple petals are more advantageous, as well as rich greens.


An obvious rule that for some reason many people overlook: in flower boxes on a windowsill, taller plants should be planted on the window side so that they do not obscure the miniature specimens. Ampelous flowers belong at the outer edge of the container.

By the way, with high-growing varieties in general, it is better to be careful: if the calculation is inaccurate, the flowers will interfere with the penetration of light into the room, where it is required by houseplants.

If you are very limited in space, choose mini varieties – in any case, you will not fail. This also applies to herbs – rosemary, basil, curly parsley: the range of seed growers is full of compact varieties. But ivy, mint and lavender should be avoided.

flowers on the window
window with flowers
a box of flowers on the window


Many plants are suitable for growing in a box on an outside window sill, including indoor plants. Annual flowers feel more than comfortable in such conditions. In addition, it is a great place and for growing herbs and even some vegetables on a modest scale.

If you have not yet decided on the plants, you can do something easier: put in a box potted plants – it is possible that nothing else and do not have to think up.


It may surprise you, but you can do without soil, using a mixture of ingredients that will promote good aeration of the roots and maintain optimal moisture. Regular fertilization will stimulate root growth and prolong the flowering period.

flowers on the window outside

Try mixing peat, perlite, and other ingredients that will provide the plants with nutrition and store a supply of moisture. Using a mixture of vermiculite and moss will not make the box too heavy, and the top drainage can be lined with stones so that the moisture does not evaporate too quickly.


Choosing a flower box for an outside window sill is probably the easiest task, although the range of sizes and styles is quite large. Just base it on your taste and your surroundings. The optimal size of the container – not less than 20 cm in width and depth if it will be installed at the level of the window sill, and 4-6 centimeters narrower than the window if the box will be hung below.

In the planting plan, keep a distance of 5-10 cm between the seedlings, taking into account the size of the adult plants. Fill the gaps between them with substrate and water well so that the soil is compacted. In hot, sunny weather you may need to water daily. If the box becomes too heavy or the substrate dries out too quickly, thin out the plants.