Haworthia attenuata blooms

Unexpectedly, the hawortia bloomed. Or rather, it is still just about to bloom, but there is no way to retreat. 🙂 I am still surprised how I noticed the flower stalk – so cleverly it camouflaged between the leaves.

My husband is rather indifferent to my plants, but he has a special relationship with this one for some reason. He even buys pots and asked me to put them away at work.

Since the window on which the Haworthia stands faces south, it has more than enough light, and this is quite clear from the “tanned” leaves. In the last apartment with eastern windows, it was just green.

Like any succulent, it is very unpretentious in care. In winter I almost never water it. However, it stands in the kitchen – the humidity there will be higher.

Flower haworthia attenuata
haworthia attenuata