How long does it take to propagate zamioculcas by leaf

Zamioculcas, also known as the dollar tree, is considered one of the most unpretentious indoor plants. And its spectacular appearance allows it to become an enviable decoration of any interior.

Zamioculcas grows quite slowly, and for someone it will be even an advantage – for example, when planting offices and other “official” institutions, where it is inconvenient and there is no time to bother with frequent transplants. The only problem that may arise here is the reproduction of the plant.

You can get a new specimen either from a single branch growing directly from the tuber, or from parts of it, or even from individual leaves. But many people lose patience after an incredibly long wait. It seems that a miracle will never happen.

In the photo, you can see the new tubers that have formed on the individual leaves planted in the soil back in January – it’s been almost a year! One of them has the first sprig. Frankly speaking, I kept them all this time out of pure curiosity – a very long experiment. 🙂