How to choose a quality rolled lawn

Achieve a quality grass carpet on the lawn can be achieved in two ways – to sow a mixture of lawn grass or lay ready-made cover in rolls. In the first case you will have to regularly check and adjust the result, in the second – the rule of “do and forget” works.

The manufacturers of such “semi-finished products” usually have several types of products to choose from: depending on the destination, the plant composition of the cover may differ in increased resistance to mechanical stress or shade tolerance. And if to determine the specifics of the site will be able to any owner of a country house, then how to make sure that the proposed product is really of high quality and will normally take root?

Signs of a quality lawn:

  • the grass is bright green, the maximum mowing height is 5-5.5 cm;
  • cover of uniform density;
  • dense turf about 20-25 cm thick;
  • well-developed and branched root system;
  • absence of pests and weeds.

The standard roll weight is 15-25 cm for a web size of 40×200 cm.

Evaluate the condition of turf when you buy it

Freshness. Although rolled turf is sold with turf, the vitality of the cover in this state is low, so you should buy it on the day of cutting (or pre-order from the manufacturer), and lay it – within 1-2 days, organizing a temporary storage space in the shade. Signs of stale lawns are yellowed grass and an unpleasant smell. If in doubt about your feelings, unfold and roll – the grass and turf from this should not crumble.

Vertexes. The optimal density of the cover is 50 grasses per 10 cm2, it should be the same throughout the whole area of the cloth. Pay attention to the height of the mowing – if it is uneven or does not exceed 3 cm, most likely the manufacturer tried to hide the flaws of the product.

Spines. The thickness of the turf should be the same over the entire area and should be 2-4 cm. A large number of white roots indicates a healthy and well-developed root system. The soil itself should not be sandy or clay, or contain stones.

A few more tips

  • Prepare your site for laying rolled lawn in advance and only then go to buy.
  • Immediately after laying, the appearance of the lawn is far from ideal. The main task at this stage is to ensure that the turf is fused with the soil of the site itself. In 10 days the rolled lawn will start to take root and build up the root mass, and later the appearance will be restored.
  • If for some reason the lawn cannot be laid on the day of purchase, move the rolls to the shade and cover with damp burlap.