Is it possible to grow vegetables in the shade?

If you’re worried about not getting enough light, look on the bright side: there are plenty of vegetables and herbs that can grow normally in the shade or with three to six hours of sun a day.

There is a simple rule of thumb for the owner of a shade garden: crops grown for harvesting stems, leaves and buds are quite tolerant of a slight lack of light.

What can I grow in a vegetable garden in the shade?

Cooking Greens. Chard, kale, leafy cabbage, Russian mustard.

What to plant in the vegetable garden in the shade

Lettuce. Beautiful foliage, pleasant neutral flavor and variety of varieties. Do not pull it out with the root after the first harvest: the leaves will grow anew until the end of the season. But cabbage varieties of lettuce do not grow well in the shade.

Salad greens. Sorrel, salad chicory, watercress and arugula are tasty and healthy components for the summer table with a wide variety of flavors and tastes.

Spinach. Similar to lettuce in terms of care requirements, it is also a cold-resistant crop.

Broccoli. Prefers a garden in the shade to a well-lit area and is relatively resistant to low temperatures. After cutting to harvest, don’t tear out the root: new small shoots will grow from the leaf axils.

Cauliflower. Although it likes sunny places, will not suffer from light shade. It responds positively to coolness.

Cabbage. Another lover of low temperatures and incomplete light.

Herbs. Mint, curly chervil, coriander, and curly parsley are ideal candidates for beds in the shade. By the way, mint is actively sprouting, so it is easier to keep it in a container.

Of course, it should be taken into account that in the absence of sunshine the harvest will never be as lush as it would be in more favorable conditions. As for root crops – potatoes, beets, carrots, root parsley – it may seem that shade won’t do them any harm either. Do not be fooled, they need much more light than leafy crops.

Well, if you are still lucky enough to have a couple of beds that the sun visits for at least 6 hours a day, try planting tomatoes or something else so desirable, but not suitable for the main area of the plot.