9 kinds of vegetable salads

The chores on the plot are slowly being reduced to zero, and gardeners will soon start looking at the seed shelves and planning next season’s crops. Not sure which salad to choose? Relate it to the dishes you usually prepare.

Butterhead sweet, mild and delicate flavor

butterhead lettuce

Combines with avocados, pistachios, and tangerines. The leaves are large and flexible enough to wrap. The only downside to this lettuce is the cost, which does not affect it in any way when grown on its own.

Romanovkus is closer to neutral, the leaves are thin and crispy

romaine lettuce

A classic solution for a Caesar salad. Also good in Mexican dishes with avocado, black beans and cotija cheese.

Rukkolavkus is spicy and slightly mustardy

arugula salad

Combine with lemon and olive oil and serve as a terrific accompaniment to scrambled eggs.

Spinach with a bitterness, rough in texture


One of the greens that goes with meat and fish almost without limit. Never disappoints with ham as well as fruit and nuts. In company with it, dried cherries and pecans are simply incomparable.

Freeze bitter and slightly earthy taste

frisée salad

Perfect for a classic French salad with poached eggs, gruyere cheese and mustard dressing.

Mangolds are bitter, tangy and slightly salty

Swiss chard

It makes a good accompaniment to wheat croutons, parmesan cheese and lemon juice. Note: leaves with a red stem have a richer flavor and aroma than those with yellow and white.

Calais dinosaur has a distinct earthy taste

kale dinosaur

Received its designation because of the texture of the leaves. Suitable for cashews, apples, bacon and many types of dressing. The leaves are dense, so you should crush the salad a bit before serving.

Curly Kaleosta with a bitterness

Kale curly cabbage

Can be used both fresh and cooked. Especially good as chips added to pasta, or fried with lots of garlic.

Radicchio-soft bitter taste

radicchio salad

It’s great fresh, and can be complemented with sweeter greens to soften the flavor. It goes well with balsamic vinegar, tuna and walnuts.