Mammillaria anniana blooms

I got this cactus from my brother: the spring before last he bought a couple at a show, but after a while he stopped taking care of them, as often happens with teenagers, and I took the plants to myself, so as not to die completely.

Many of them burned in the sun, but nothing happened to this mammillaria, and last week it opened flowers for the first time. I don’t have much experience with flowering cacti yet, but I’ve never seen such small ones – about 0,5 cm in diameter.

Mammillaria anniana is native to Mexico and is on the verge of extinction in its natural environment: immediately after its discovery in 1979 the number of the species decreased by more than 80% and is now only about 500 specimens growing in a very limited area. Unfortunately, the numbers continue to decline, the reason for this is still the illegal collection of plants.