Molochium obese: female flowers

Well, not long ago I showed the male flowers of Euphorbia obesa. And today it’s the women’s turn. See the pistils? I have to confess, until my Molochia flowers bloomed of both sexes, I was not sure that I could figure out who was who, but it turned out to be quite easy – just look closely and remember the basics of botany.

From the sowing I kept only three specimens, one of them a crystalline form (such plants are formed into a very intricate form and experience delays in development). So fortune has definitely decided to smile on me by giving me the opportunity for pollination. Which I immediately took advantage of a week ago. And today, when I decided to take a picture of Euphorbia female flowers, I found that they have changed – it looks like pollination was successful, and soon the plant can please me with seeds.

I cannot get tired of being amazed at how quickly they have matured. Only two years ago I just sowed them, and today I can already watch with delight how the next generation is budding.