Mom's pelargoniums

Today I visited my mother and, as it turned out, I took my camera for a reason: she has blooming pelargoniums. My mother has always treated these plants rather warmly, but for some reason she began to keep them only recently. None of the varieties available are unknown, and whether it is so important if the flowers bring joy.

The first photo is a pelargonium that I grew from seed last year. After I moved there was less space on my windowsills, so I gave it away. The strange thing is that the seeds referred to the Magic of Summer variety of red variation, but something very similar to Pavla has grown. However, this mismatch only pleased us, because my mother already had red ones.

Well, below you can see older plants: a rosebud scarlet pelargonium on the right and an orange pelargonium on the left. Where the last one came from, I do not even remember, but I always liked it very much for its brightness, I also once had one, but it burned on the pelargonium

The rosebud pelargonium looks really special when it’s open, although you can’t tell right away from the buds that you can expect anything new. It turns out to be a bouquet of small roses. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of it in all its glory yet, but someday I will!