8 months of acorn sprout development in a 3-minute video

Germination of seeds always requires patience, and in the case of trees, the wait is even longer than months. Scientist and photographer Neil Bromhall was not confused and took a Nikon D300 camera with a macro lens, which helped him to capture thousands of moments of 8 months in the life of the future tree.

Neal Bromhall used a special underground structure for the project. The filming itself took place between September and April. You can find out what goes on underground while we wait for the sprout to appear on the surface in this 3-minute video:

And it’s really amazing to watch the acorn sprout shed its shell and reach out through the ground toward the light, gradually growing stronger and more leaves. It will take another 20 years for the plant captured in the video to give life to the next generation of trees.