Pelargonium Raphaella

Pelargonium Raphaella whiteWhen I saw the seed packets of this series, I could not pass by and bought a piece of each species on sale, not really thinking where to put all this stuff afterwards. It sounds familiar, doesn’t it?) In the manufacturer’s photos caps of inflorescences are so lush, almost terry. No, of course, the employees of “Aelita” have not defeated the nature, but the flowers still turned out good.

So far I can only boast of Raphaellas white and pink. I haven’t done so much business with pelargoniums, but I couldn’t imagine that one inflorescence can have so many buds! In the photo at the beginning of the post, about half of the blooms have bloomed – the same number of buds are hidden under the unfurled flowers.

The manufacturer promised a bush about 30 cm high, the diameter of the inflorescences about 12 cm. Well, he didn’t lie about anything.