Pelargonium seedlings after two months

After sharing the “harvest” of pelargoniums, I kept one specimen of each species, because I really do not need more, and for sure some of them will still move to work when they grow (oh, these narrow window sills!). Today I want to show how the seedlings have changed in a month.

Pelargonium Raphaella white from seedOf course, I do not expect all of them to bloom according to the descriptions on the seed packets: in my work I often have to deal with advertising promises. 🙂 And I am not particularly active in using various growth stimulants. Well, with the advent of winter expectations for flowers and have to move away, alas.

So here we go.

Raphaella white Even though the flowers in the variety are supposed to be white, the area on the leaves is still a little visible.

Raffaella scarlet The red zone has a barely discernible pinkish hue. I wonder if it will intensify over time, or if it will remain just as faint.

Raffaella zonal pelargonium from seeds

Rafaella Orange and Pink mixes have germinated in small numbers, I gave them away and will take cuttings later, when there will be something to take. And this one I kept for the sake of interest, to see what color it would turn out.

Pavla This variety is the only one I have had, so I decided not to give it to anyone yet, and then we’ll see. The leaves are a very light shade, you can’t see the zone on them at all.

Divas mix I kept one, because for me it was not particularly principle, what shade of mottling on the flowers will be – pink or red. There will be seen, we can always exchange cuttings.

Ripple mix Also left one behind. Interesting to compare how they and Divas will differ in blooms and size and whether they will. The packaging promises are slightly different.

Zonal pelargonium Magic of Summer from seeds

Magic Summer Mix Here about this one I’m sure it will turn out red or another bright shade – the area on the leaves is very bright. Although it is possible that this is a feature of the variety, which the packaging with the seeds just did not say.

Star Podmoskovja This pelargonium’s trunk immediately (as soon as it took shape) became pink. My mother has an opportunity to keep flowers on the balcony (mine will burn for sure), so this variety has overtaken the others in size already in two times.

All the pelargoniums have already moved from under the lamp to the table near the window sill. I will see how it goes – natural light is better for the plants, after all. But I do not exclude that I will have to return them to their former place: the daylight hours are inexorably decreasing, and the temperature in the apartment is dropping. The photos above were taken last weekend, and at the moment many pelargoniums have pinked their leaves.

There are two versions: either the sun is shining too brightly for them so far (but this will soon fade away), or the kitchen is too cold (although I do not think that 20-21 degrees is too cold for them). We’ll wait and see.