Porcelain Princess Echeveria laui

I love this succulent and dreamt of it for a long time, until a kind man unexpectedly shared the seeds. For a year and a half now I have my own Echeveria lau, and I never tire of admiring its blue fleshy leaves.

I must say, a southern window is the best thing for this echeveria! The dense wax layer protects the plant from direct sunlight, and therefore it needs more light.

It is because of such stylish protection that the succulent was popularly given the picturesque name – porcelain princess.

echeveria laui

The earlier photo was taken on September 1, 2013, just six months after the seeds were sown (planted in the same container as now). It grows quite large – up to 20 cm in height. And, I think, for a succulent it grows really quite fast.

I would love to wait for the blooms – the echeveria bells are so cute!