Pseudolobivia aurea: 14 years later

Last year this cactus got so badly burned that I already doubted its viability. So much so, that a couple of weeks ago I even wondered if it was time to throw it away, because it looked unhealthy. And then today I moved it and found out that it’s actually sitting there for a reason.

This pseudolobia (I’m not sure I even identified the species correctly) was brought back to me by my father from a business trip to the United States in 2001. Along with this cactus were four others. By now, two more of this group are still alive.

I do not know what traditions of keeping flowers in American stores, but I heard a lot about ours at that time, so I did not have high hopes – they live and live, a nice gift to my heart. Well, from time to time transplanted them. Claystocactus became too long, so I cut off the stick to a suitable length for me and rooted it – perfectly accepted, by the way!

But with pseudolobia it was not clear somehow – I could not decide on the species, and it was not clear at all whether it was growing properly, whether the conditions were suitable for it. So we lived 13 years without thinking about each other, until last year it burned in the sun. In the photo you can see that it was just the very tip that suffered – the southern window was a novelty for it. And this one has a bud on the sun-facing side – well, isn’t that miraculous?)