7 reasons to grow annual flowers

My mother does not particularly like to bother with seedlings, but, contrary to her own promises, she still cannot give up annual flowers completely. Yes, next spring I will have to do it all over again, but there are a number of reasons why these plants are still worth the effort.

Annuals are usually brighter. Of course, there are, for example, tulips with a wide range of colors, but annuals start to bloom faster and are pleasing to the eye much longer. The short lifespan of a plant is only to the advantage of a gardener: the flower is tasked to set as many seeds as possible before the end of the season, that’s why it actively attracts insect pollinators.

2. If you are taking your first steps in gardening, annuals will please you in the same year, while perennials will need more time to get ready to bloom.

annual flowers

3. they can take over the baton of early spring flowering from daffodils and tulips. When the bulbs bloom, the annuals will fill the pause before the later-blooming plants.

4. Seeds of annual flowers usually cost less. You can create whole waterfalls of bright colors on your plot for a very modest amount of money. And many of them are also self-sowing, so you won’t have to spend at all to buy some seeds next year.

5. Annual flowers are versatile and hardy: they have no problem surviving in a variety of conditions – near borders, in beds, in alpine gardens, in containers and baskets.

6. You don’t have to contemplate the same flowers every year: by replacing one annual with another next season, you can completely transform your garden design.

7. They do not need to be cut or divided. Perennials need to have their rootlets separated regularly to limit growth. Otherwise, they will clog the surrounding plants in the struggle for water and nutrients. And they also need periodic pruning for harmonious crown development. With annual flowers, these concerns are completely eliminated – you’re enjoying a beautiful garden, not working in it.