Roasted garlic shoots

Every year I wait until the garlic is ready to bloom – my mother does not grow it for beauty, of course, and she cuts off the arrows that have formed, so that all the strength went into the development of the bulb. Garlic is allowed to sit until the fall, but the tops go straight to the kitchen. It is a pity that such a harvest can be harvested only once a year.

I can’t really call roasted garlic stalks a dish, because they don’t take very long to prepare. But as a side dish – for example, in addition to fried potatoes with chicken – they are simply magical. That said, they don’t have a distinct garlicky flavor.

How do you cook it?

All you need to do is to wash the stems (which is why it’s great – pests don’t like it), cut them into 2-3 cm long sticks and fry them in vegetable oil, without forgetting to salt them. I always take olive oil, because for many years now I buy only olive oil and there is no other oil, it complements the taste well.

garlic shoots

At first, soaked in oil, the garlic shoots will become brighter in color, and then they will take on a yellowish hue. The degree of readiness can be easily determined by eye: in addition to the color, the density of the stems will change – they will become softer, the shell will slightly wrinkle. In principle, everything is similar to the roasting procedure for green beans – you can be guided by the same signs.

I’m fine with roasted garlic shoots as a stand-alone dish, but this option, I’ll tell you right away, is for a lover of all kinds of greens. So it is best to combine them with other dishes.