Seed review: Terreno Rumyany coleus from Gavrish

I bought this bright beauty especially for winter sowing, so that it would be more fun to wait for spring. However, the place under the lamp was taken by cactus seedlings, which obviously needed more light, so, like the Black Dragon last year, the coleus Terreno Ruddy waited stubbornly in the window to increase the natural light day.

Coleus are found quite often in Moscow’s flowerbeds, but I have not come across these particular orange ones. As far as I understand, their variety comes to us from somewhere in the USA – I often see a huge selection of colors and shapes on American websites. Under different names, of course.

Terreno coleus ruddy from seed

Input data

The stated height of the bush for my preferences is too high – 30-35 cm, but the fact that coleus are good, and easily tolerate pruning and quickly grow back.


In July 2017, one pack of five seeds cost me 28 rubles. On the back it says that the series is intended for professional landscaping – with so many seeds in the packet it seems strange. Well, I’m a simple layman, who suffices one copy. The seeds are placed in a paper bag, as most manufacturers do.



On the package, as usual, recommendations about the time of sowing, temperature of germination and composition of the substrate are given. I neglected them, and planted a seed in a universal substrate on October 29. Instead of the promised 14-18 days had to wait only five. I see no point in speculating about the growth rate of a light-loving plant on a winter window sill, but what I like coleus for is that in such unsuitable conditions their seedlings do not pull out, but just develop slower.


Sowed immediately in a plastic cup of 100 ml, so as not to do unnecessary picking. No fertilizer, just ensure timely watering. Pruning was not required: in March, the coleus itself began to branch abundantly, although I admit that it was an individual feature of a particular specimen.

Aesthetic qualities

I was most interested, of course, in the consistency of the color of the leaves with the picture on the label. Since there was no room under the lamp, the varietal qualities began to show from the beginning of March. For some time it was still a dirty brown color with an admixture of green, but the sunny weather quickly corrected this – after a month, the central part of the leaves acquired a beautiful orange hue, which, depending on the angle of view, shimmered almost fuchsia-pink.

Although the coleus has grown quite beautiful, it is difficult to judge the consistency of the label. In the picture, the foliage looks too mottled, even muddy, and does not have such a pronounced pink hue in the veins. It’s a rare case where the variety looks much more interesting and bright in person!

This is how the color of the leaves changed during March (without extra light)

Review of coleus Terreno ruddy


Coleus Terreno ruddy presents an original alternative to the usual color varieties. From time to time I meet negative reviews about this seed producer. I do not have my own opinion on this matter, but in this case there was no problem with either the assortment or the quality of the material. When the seedling received enough light, it showed the aesthetics of the variety to the full in a short time. And so in the bed it will also meet expectations.