Some more nameless pelargoniums

Some kind of pelargonium summer we had this year. I did not expect it myself, although I took an active part in populating the windowsills with geraniums. 🙂

Unfortunately, I can’t show the amazing scarlet rosebud pelargonium yet: I can’t photograph it at all. But there are other, no less beautiful specimens.

This one is now found in many people: somehow it has become popular in recent years. My mother bought it in a store for gardeners. Flowers last a long time, are large in size, and you see how lush they are. At the same time the size of the plant is quite compact, not pony.

I drool over this orange pelargonium every year, but I can’t seem to plant it. However, this year I have a lot of them, so I’ll wait.

Well, this apple-colored semi-flowered pelargonium was brought to me by a colleague. The plant itself is still very small. The flowers started blooming a week ago, and it’s still standing without any signs of wilting.