Summer batch of senpolias

Somehow magically senpolias bloom in my house almost all year round, although I do not do anything magical for them, and my windows are southern. Apparently, everything suits them. This year they are blooming especially bright. In the first picture you can see the violet Blue Mist. This time it is a deep purple without white flecks, which does not detract from its attractiveness in my eyes. And below I show you two nameless senpollias, which I am also crazy about.

The first one has oval pointed leaves and long and graceful flower stalks – I like exactly such, “wild” varieties. By the way, in the spring when transplanting, I carelessly deprived it of almost all the roots. I thought I would have to re-grow from the leaves. But she quickly recovered and grew new roots.

The second has a more densely packed rosette. And the flower stalks have the same wild nature. I love it very much for the beautiful shade of the flowers.