The driest desert on the planet is covered with flowers

It rains so rarely in the Atacama Desert that for about 50 years the area looked completely lifeless. This year, the situation has changed, and the inhabitants of Chile discovered an extremely rare phenomenon: thousands of flowers bloomed in the desert.

The Chilean city of Arica is used to experiencing drought – in the entire history of observations (since 1903) the amount of rain that has come to this land can be counted on the fingers, and the annual precipitation rate for the area is only 0.2 cm. In March, fluctuating temperatures caused thunderstorms and increased the actual figure to 2.4 cm, which allowed nolans, bomarias and Rhodophyllum to open their blossoms.

This bloom was recognized as the most spectacular in the last 18 years. It is noteworthy that nolans usually bloom once every 7-8 years, but in 2015 Chileans had an opportunity to observe this phenomenon twice.