The first flowering of Gymnocalycium Kieslinga

And one more cactus this season pleased with the first blooming. Also Gymnocalycium, this time – Kislinga. The species was named after his countryman and our contemporary, the Argentine botanist Roberto Kiesling, who systematized the genus in 1995.

The height of a mature plant is not more than 2 cm and its diameter reaches 6-9 cm. Strangely enough, my specimen has almost reached these markings, although it was bought only three years ago and clearly didn’t look more than 5 years old. With such a compact size, the diameter of the flowers of gymnocalycium kieslingii is gorgeous – about 6 cm.

This summer I often ponder what suddenly happened, that cacti started to bloom so easily at last. I started doing them more than 17 years ago, but the first tangible fruits this hobby brings only the last 2-3 years. Of the factors I can highlight:

  • The south orientation of the windows (it used to be either west or east) – but not all cacti need scorching sun either;
  • the right soil – leaf soil, not peat-based soil;
  • perhaps the age of the plants, but not everything in my collection required such a long wait.

Dry wintering, moderate watering was observed as it was. Apparently, it was not enough without the conditions mentioned above. By the way, in the current apartment the window sills in winter are not as cold as in the one where I lived for the last two years. I do not exclude that next year the cacti will strike again.

If there are cactus lovers among your readers, I would be very interested to know how long it took you until the flowering process in your collection became established?