The world's largest herbarium

For 5 years, Paris has been restoring the world’s largest herbarium, built back in 1935. The restoration work was aimed at expanding the exposition, after which the audience could see about a million and a half plants, previously not presented for viewing. According to collection director Marc Janson, the herbarium now on display has been stored in newsprint for the past 30 years.

The collection of exhibits is included in the National Museum of Natural History and is located in the Botany Gallery. At the moment, the oldest existing herbarium is represented by about 8 million sheets with dried plant parts and seeds, which is equivalent to half a million types of flora of the planet. Every year their number in the exposition increases by 10 thousand.

All halls of the renovated herbarium are equipped with technology that measures humidity and temperature in the rooms. The problem of a weak heating system and cramped layout was also solved. The area of the herbarium has increased substantially due to the addition of additional storage and permanent exhibition halls. At the same time, the original architectural style of the facade remained unchanged. The cost of the restoration was 26.2 million euros.