Three plants for longevity according to Oriental medicine

This advice is not based on my experience (I’m going to live forever), but it makes sense to listen to the traditions of Chinese and other Eastern medicine – it certainly will not make things worse.

ginger for longevity

Ginger – for digestion

In the West, ginger is known as one of the best remedies for nausea, and it is also supposedly the oldest herbal medicinal ingredient in the world. In China, this life-prolonging herb is equally popular in cooking and in traditional medicine. The spice is often used in cooking seafood, where it acts as a natural detoxifying agent.

In addition to substances that normalize digestion, ginger contains geraniol, which inhibits the growth and synthesis of cancer cells. The root has an anti-inflammatory effect, helps reduce pain symptoms, prevents blood clots, and inhibits the onset of migraines. On top of that, the Chinese have been drinking ginger tea for centuries to keep them toned.

Pine nuts for longevity

Pine for vivacity

Even in ancient times, the Taoists living in the mountains of China drew attention to the vitality of pine trees, which are known to spend the winter with their foliage. They experimentally discovered the therapeutic effect contained in every part of the plant, consuming teas with the needles and bark, using the antimicrobial properties of the resin and eating pine nuts. The pine has since become a symbol of longevity in Chinese culture.

Pine contains the antioxidant pycnogenol, which protects the inner surface of the walls of blood vessels and heart from the action of free radicals, has an anti-inflammatory effect and maintains a healthy skin structure. It is one of the few antioxidants that can cross the blood-brain barrier and protect brain cells from the damaging effects of free radicals in the blood. Pycnogenol is often prescribed in the form of dietary supplements, but you will get the same effect if you eat pine nuts.

garlic for longevity

Garlic – for stamina

The most affordable of the three products for longevity. Garlic’s active ingredient allicin prevents the development of atherosclerosis and blockage of coronary vessels, reduces blood clots, lowers cholesterol, stimulates pituitary activity and normalizes blood sugar levels. As an antibacterial, the plant is effective against minor infections. Fresh parsley balances its sharpness and freshens the breath.