8 tips for creating a beautiful and easy-to-care-for garden

Unlike strict English gardens, where every plant has its own place, informal gardens on private suburban areas only win due to the rich palette of colors and shapes. And most importantly, the care of such plots is more associated with creativity than with active physical labor.

How to create an easy-to-maintain country garden

Start small If you know for sure that you are not ready to spend all your free time on the care of the territory, do not plan a grand project, otherwise you will quickly become disappointed in your undertaking. It doesn’t have to be a drag: Start with a small corner and gradually push the boundaries of your garden as far as you can and want to.

Invest in soilInvest in good, fertile, organic-rich soil where plants will grow perfectly with a minimum of watering, and apply fertilizer from the start will greatly reduce the need for your garden’s labor. It’s also a good idea to do a soil analysis so you can choose your fertilizers more effectively. Apply organics annually by buying compost or making it yourself.

Creating an unpretentious garden

Plan your planting Often a lot of work in the garden is due to the wrong location for the plants. Make a plan ahead of time for the lighting, moisture, climate and companion plant needs of your chosen species. Unpretentious flowers are just flowers that live in optimal conditions.

Use mulch Mulching helps prevent weeds and rapid evaporation of moisture from the top layers, and gives the site a neater look. Bark, compost, and leaf humus gradually decompose and work as an organic fertilizer. Do not forget that some plants prefer loose soil and do not tolerate stagnant moisture – dose the water and take into account individual characteristics.

Automate watering Autodrip systems are more precise and economical to use than a person with a watering can. Drip hoses save you time and get water to the roots of your plants without wasting water on the ground.

Tips for designing an unpretentious Country House garden

Use stones Alpine slides, dry streams and rockeries look natural, and traditionally recommended for these compositions plants are not afraid of irregular watering. A simple rustic fence or wattle will do as a background, on which heterogeneous flowers will look less chaotic.

Add cute accessories Small architectural forms, baskets, carts, tubs, bridges, and other garden decorations can help create an accent both as a stand-alone element and as a receptacle for plants. Keep things in moderation so you don’t turn your garden into a dumping ground for ideas.

Make garden paths Cute paths accentuate the terrain and bring order to the floral “chaos.” A garden with paths looks more welcoming and easier to maintain. Think ahead about who will walk on them and what kind of shoes to choose the best surface between stone, wood chips, or cement. The path can also be grassy if it is not designed for active use, but it will need to be mowed periodically.

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