Tweets of your plant

There is one disadvantage with all plants. They don’t know how to talk, how to ask for help. Answer honestly, have you ever forgotten to water a plant? And imagine the situation, your house geraniums tweeted you: “Fill me up”. Sounds ridiculous, of course, if it weren’t true.

If you are a geek, I think you will be very interested in how to implement such a thing. Botanicalls from the UK offers us a similar device with detailed assembly instructions.

Botanicalls is made in the shape of a printed circuit board sheet, looks easy and simple. This product is inserted into the soil, next to the plant, measures the moisture and if the soil is dry, sends a help signal. Botanicalls has its own development environment where you can change all the code or just change the messages sent to the tweeter.

Now about the minuses, this goodness costs $100, but the parcel itself took a long time. About three months. There were no problems with customs. So if you are willing to wait, have an extra $100, understand the iron and forget to water your favorite cactus, this device is for you.