Why don't indoor flowers grow well?

Do you know a situation where you are struggling with the life of your favorite plant, while someone else has the same flower doing just fine without much care? No matter how surprising it may seem, it’s all just a matter of coincidence. It is possible that the hapless gardener himself unknowingly created the perfect conditions for the flower.

Choose the right place for your plants

The temptation to decorate the interior with indoor flowers is sometimes so great that we forget what is really important to consider. You can put cacti in the back of the room or you can put senpolias on the southern window sill, but how good will they be there?

Study the light needs of the plant before you bring it into the house – you may simply not have the right conditions for it. Even if the mistake doesn’t become disastrous, you still won’t see it in all its glory by turning a blind eye to the laws of nature.

Consider your flower care preferences

Some of us flood our plants regularly, some of us, on the other hand, remember the watering can too late. Turn your disadvantage to an advantage and choose the species that work best for you. Can’t resist watering? Get a cyperus, an abutilon, or a coleus, for example. Suffer from forgetfulness? Consider aloe and other succulents.

The same applies to fertilizing and replanting: there are species that are very demanding to the fertility of the soil, as well as characterized by rapid development. If you know that you are not inclined to regular care, it is better to give preference to the ascetics of the flora world.

Don’t forget to clean the plants

One last thing that, unfortunately, many people forget. Dust on the leaves not only spoils their appearance, but also causes poor development and diseases. Do not forget to clean your houseplants from time to time and to inspect them so that you can take measures in time if hygiene is not good enough. It is especially important to follow this rule in the winter months, when humidity is lower and dust settles much more.